Fate/Zero II BD [Disc 04 / Final]

(This was actually supposed to go up last weekend, but this site’s been giving me grief lately.)

Anyway, here’s the last disc of Fate/Zero’s second season. Well, next to last, but the fifth disc just has extras and what have you. I’m not going to sugar coat it, this has been pretty disappointing compared to the first season’s BD. Very little was added in comparison, and the changes were fewer too. I was hoping for at least one extra scene between Arturia and Lancelot, but no such luck. In fact, as we’ll see, the additions aren’t even that big a deal. Oh well, at least the show itself is still good.

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Fate/Zero II BD [Disc 03]

Time for the next three episodes of Fate/Zero II. And you know what? It’s really not all that different from the last couple discs. I don’t know if ufotable just really liked what they did with the TV version or if they just didn’t feel like fixing a bunch of stuff; but regardless, few changes to be found here. That doesn’t mean there aren’t any changes, however. You’ll still find some blur removal, general effects changes, and a few extra scenes in episode seven. Oh, that reminds me:

Is it just me, or is the kanji change in the ninth episode a pretty big fuck up? I don’t know, maybe they were just trolling the TV release.

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Fate/Zero II BD [Disc 02]

Well… with all the shows that premiered this season, along with the advent of three midterms (and another, altogether separate test) all during the same week, finding time to get the second disc done was proving to be a pain in the ass. Don’t worry though, now that it’s all been taken care of, the remaining discs shouldn’t be such a trying wait.

Unfortunately, I don’t even have much to show for it. There really wasn’t much changed in these three episodes. A lighting change here, a minor alteration there. This second half has been a far cry from the first as far as changes go. Still, the fourth episode saw a lot of additional scenes, so there’s a plus.

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Fate/Zero II BD [Disc 01]

Yeaaaaaaaaaah! Fate/Zero is back! Or… it was back about six months ago…. But now the BD release is back! And how many changes can we expect? Actually, not that many from these first three episodes. Most of the changes were in episode two, and a lot of those spanned a five-minute window. I guess ufotable was really on the ball with these first few episodes. I doubt this will last for the remaining discs, though.

But still, Fate/Zero BD is back! Yeaaaaaaaaaaah!

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Fate/Zero BD 2nd Half Part Two [Episodes 10~13]

Here we go, the final part of the Fate/Zero comparison. A logical, sane person would probably just change the titles of these posts to “Part #/3″ or something like that. Fortunately, I am no such person. Anyway, these last few episodes contain more of the same kinds of changes that we’ve seen in the rest of the series (though there was no need to uncensor anything this time around). A lot of lighting changes and fixed character models (I’m looking at you, episode 11) are the main differences in this set. Well, those and even more additional scenes.

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Fate/Zero BD 2nd Half Part One [Episodes 07~09]

So, apparently, I underestimated the amount of changes present in the following episodes. Not wanting to give you guys one post with a massive number of images, I figured I’d post the changes for the next three episodes now and follow it up with the last four later. Anyway, the changes were mostly the same. However, there was a much larger focus on uncensoring and blur removal. Once again, some new scenes were thrown in as well.

You know, for every one one of these differences I find, I feel like I missed about five more `~`

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Fate/Zero BD 1st Half [Episodes 01~06]

Alright! Time to go through some Fate/Zero goodness before the spring season brings us the rest. So, how much did ufotable change from the TV airing? Not all that much, surprisingly. For all the particle effects and detailed backgrounds, they had most of their stuff nailed down already. Most of the changes were lighting fixes, adjusting the background extras, some perspective stuff, and even a bit of censorship removal. They also added a few scenes as well.

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