JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Vol 1

I haven’t turned in yet, so it’s still Friday to me!

Damn, this one gave me some grief. Still, a solution has been found, so the problem will trouble me no longer! But who can talk about silly computer issues when there’s so much manly man-ness filling the screen? Yep, the second of the two BD releases that I’m taking on is david production’s new adaptation and (first real) hit, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure! Sit back, relax, and enjoy some fabulous men doing fabulous things in fabulous ways.

As for the changes, holy hell, there were a lot of them. The first two episodes combined total ~40 comparisons. The third by itself got ~40 as well (and I didn’t even include the redundant differences in the latter half of the episode). The first episode featured changes designed to make it even harder to believe that these characters are roughly 12~13 years old. After that, it was mostly effects and fixing off-model shots (and removing censor bars, of course). Something that I couldn’t capture, however, was the slight variation in animation. It was always something trivial (slightly less motion, a bit more blur, shaking the camera about more, etc.), but I feel I should note it regardless.


Episode 01:

Episode 02:

Episode 03:

And there you have it. The first volume of JoJo. See you… pretty soon actually. The second volume should be out soon, after all.


    • Indeed it has. Hopefully, it’ll hit the interwebs within the week (and considering it’s JoJo, I don’t see why it wouldn’t, lol).

  1. Wow thanks for the hard work :o

    I didn’t really watch this anime yet (don’t really like the draw style) but I will try it some day : p

  2. Finally we get a JoJo review, thanks!
    I hope they animate the following parts, they should be able to do it since JoJo sold like 23k I believe.

  3. the characters look like retards, worst anime ever made. Even if Boku no Pico and Mars of Destruction would get a child it would be a masterpiece compared to this!

  4. So the main edits were , to make Dios face weird when he’s 12 and to add tonns and tonns of sparkles. Yeah whoever worked on that first episode needs a different job.
    They made Speedwagon really pretty though.

    Thanks so much for posting this.

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